Coleraine Single Grain of Sand meditation group

We are a small non-profit group of like-minded people who meet once a week to practice mindfulness meditation.

We are an eclectic group. Some members are interested in a purely secular non-denominational approach to mindfulness and its health benefits while others are more curious about the more spiritual aspects of the practice.

We primarily use the forms and teachings from the traditional eastern meditation traditions of Zen and Vipassana.

Each week we have a one hour practice which is composed of two 25 minute periods of sitting meditation, broken up by 10 minutes of walking meditation.

Practice is followed by group discussions about related topics over a cup of tea/coffee. The discussions are most often informal chats about anything group members have discovered or find interesting. This may include listening to short talks or discussing an interesting book someone may have come across. For many in the group, it is the discussions that they get the most value from.

Above all, our primary aim is to provide a point of contact for people with an interest in meditation and to support each other in our personal practice. We do not follow a teacher-student model or have any leadership structure. Nevertheless we do offer simple instruction for beginners. However, the real learning is through the practice itself.

All with an interest in meditation are welcome.

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